You can also come to Depa for a varied selection of supplementary products, such as paper and plastic carrier bags, cash books and other items made of paper and cardboard. Our original kids’ menu boxes with mini toys are ideal for keeping young visitors entertained and happy.

Doggy bag




I'M a LUNCH bag


Best sellers

I'M Concept Bag, I'M a LUNCH bag, Pulp, Flat paper handles, 22xSide fold 10x28cm, carrier bag, brown

Product code 650009

Bag, HDPE, 28xSide fold 14x50cm, t-shirt bag, white

Product code 513153

Biodore® Bag, Starch blend, 27xSide fold 7x50cm, t-shirt bag, green

Product code 521076

Notebook, White.

Product code 4511KR

Bag, HDPE, 1100x200mm, pizza/cake box carrier, white

Product code 513610

Bag, Paper, 18xSide fold 8x28cm, lunchtas,

Product code 161100

Bag, Paper, 32xSide fold 17x25cm, paper carrier bag, white

Product code 641300