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Biodore® Cup carrier, Paper, 4 compartments, brown

Product code 521046

Depa Knife, PS, 185mm, peach

Product code 428107

Soup bowl, Cardboard and plastic, 750ml, 26oz, black/White

Product code 450146

Biodore® Plate, square , Bagasse, 260x260mm, white

Product code 521007

Biodore® Swan-neck box, Pulp, 300x300x90mm, brown

Product code 521071

Depa Plate, square , pearl, PP, 230x230mm, peach

Product code 428062

Biodore® Fork, C-PLA, 16.5cm, white

Product code 521018

Biodore®, Bio hot cup, Retro Verde, Cardboard and PLA, 300ml, brown/White

Product code 521053

Partycup, PS, 300ml, 10oz, red

Product code 250201

Depa Spoon, PS, 185mm, peach

Product code 428108

Glass, wine glass, PS, pearl, 160ml, peach

Product code 428202

Depa Fork, PS, 180mm, peach

Product code 428106