When it comes to amuse-bouches everything revolves around the experiencing, looking, tasting and enjoying. There’s a good reason why these culinary masterpieces in miniature are extremely popular. And the best thing about amuses... the possibilities are endless. The ingredients, the combinations, the tastes, textures, colours and the presentation - you can vary them all to your heart’s content and either serve your enticing little creations between courses or turn them into a delicious and exciting tasting menu of your special dishes. Our extensive amuse concept comprises a total range of original and beautifully designed cups, dishes, plates and cutlery that, thanks to the choice of colours, shapes and materials, are suitable for every occasion and challenge every chef to use his or her creativity. Be amused!

Work with layers

Surprise your guests with a beautifully presented layered amuse. This gives a spectacular visual effect in one of the transparent cups in our range. Use one cup as a mould with which to create perfect, separate layers.

Round amuse cups

Combine solid and liquid

The combination of solid and liquid components will give your amuse a playful overall look. Choose a dish or bowl from our amuse concept, arrange several morsels in the bottom and carefully surround them with a sauce or soup.

Amuse bowls

Play with colour

Make your amuse even more attractive with a carefully chosen colour pallet. Look for beautiful colour combinations and for a finishing touch add a complementary or contrasting coloured garnish.

Palm leaf amuses

Use shape as a theme

An amuse looks even more appealing if the ingredients are tuned to each other. You can achieve this by using shape as a theme – a composition of circles or squares, for example.

Square amuse cups and plates

Combine with cocktail sticks

Tiny deep-fried or other greasy snacks look even more tempting when threaded onto cocktail sticks or Japanese knot skewers. Lay the ‘mini-kebab’ over the edge and add a sprig of herbs.

Amuse cones

Tempt with textures

A combination of varying textures adds the element of surprise to your amuse. Think of mixing hard and soft, rough and smooth, chunky and finely chopped.

Square amuse dishes

Use several components

The more components you use to present your amuses, the more exclusive they will look. Keep in mind that the individual components must complement and reinforce each other.

Wooden amuses

Do something crazy

Make an impression on your guests by doing something crazy, for example by playing with proportion. Make an art of making something small SOMETHING LARGE!

Amuse cutlery