Coffee cup recycling

Ucycle: from coffee cup to toilet paper

Are you looking for a practical and affordable way to implement your CSR policy? Why not give your used cardboard drinks cups a second life as toilet paper. With a Ucycle subscription you are opting for a smart, efficient and complete system and doing a good deed for our planet.

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Deliver, collect, take away and recycle!

Ucycle is a sustainable total concept that involves cardboard cups made of FSC-certificated paper with a PE coating being delivered, collected together, taken away and recycled. Your used drinks cups will, therefore, be reused rather than destroyed. Which means that, thanks to recycling, you will be reducing environmental impact and making a concrete contribution towards what is called the circular economy. It’s a system that is ideal for companies that want to operate sustainably.


A clever way to collect your used cups

Ucycle has developed a special system for collecting your used coffee cups – cup collectors containing tubes into which used cups are dropped so they stack themselves neatly into columns. You simply stand a cup collector in your coffee corner and at strategic locations around the company. As each tube holds 80 to 100 stacked cups the cup collector holds far more cups than a ‘normal’ waste bin. This means you are not only saving the environment, you are also making significant savings (on average 15 to 20 percent) on your residual waste costs.


When the cup collector is full, lift out the yellow garbage bag full of stacked cups and place it in the Ucycle waste container. These wheeled containers hold eight filled garbage bags. Ucycle will remove the full garbage bags in accordance with an agreed schedule. A recycling company will then process the used cups into paper pulp, which is reused in the production of toilet paper.

Cardboard cups with a PE coating

Ucycle cardboard coffee cups have a polyethylene (PE) coating on the inside. The used PE-coated cups undergo a unique recycling process during which the cardboard fibres are separated from the PE coating. The cardboard is used as paper pulp for the manufacture of products such as toilet paper, the residual PE, in the form of PE-granules, serves as a raw material for many new applications.

Is Ucycle something for your company?

If you, as a company, want to actively reduce environmental impact a subscription to Ucycle is a perfect choice. In just four steps your company will be supplied with cardboard drinks cups and the cups will also be collected, taken away and recycled.

Ucycle takes care of the entire trajectory:

Supply. Ucycle supplies new cardboard coffee cups.
Collect. Everyone drops their used cups into the special Ucycle cup collector. Full garbage bags go into the Ucycle waste container.
Take away. Ucycle picks up the full garbage bags.
Recycle. The used drinks cups are recycled and processed into toilet paper.

Take out a subscription

The price of a Ucycle subscription varies per company. We calculate the price on the basis of the number of locations, the number of cups per location per year, the number of waste containers and the number of replacement/take away visits per location. We will, naturally, advise you regarding the required number of cups, cup collectors and waste containers. And, if you wish, we can print the cups with a recognisable Ucycle logo so there can be no confusion regarding which cups should be put in the cup collector after use.

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Our Ucycle products

The Ucycle concept comprises cardboard coffee cups with a PE coating, cup collectors with tubes for collecting/stacking the used cups, sufficient garbage bags made of recyclable HDPE and wheeled waste containers that hold eight full garbage bags. All the garbage bags you will need for a year are delivered at the same time along with a calendar showing very clearly when we will be coming to take away the used cups.


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