Depa: specialist in printed packaging

Are you looking to make your company’s name more well-known? Or do you want to give your guests an amazing experience? If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’ opt for disposables printed with your own, unique design.

We can print almost anything for you

As a renowned supplier of packaging and disposables to the food-service and food retail branches we know what appeals to today’s guests and consumers. At Depa we can print almost anything for you, including disposable drinks cups, cardboard fries containers and hamburger boxes, cutlery pouches and the smallest wooden stirrers.

The advantages of Depa

  • Broad and deep product range
  • Fast delivery
  • Made-to-measure advice
  • Various types of materials and printing techniques possible
  • Thorough technical expertise
  • Free design service from our professional studio

Make the difference with professional printing

We will be happy to advise you regarding a contemporary printed design with which you will make a difference in the dynamic food market.

Our many years of experience, and our in-depth knowledge of disposables, materials and the possibilities and limitations of printing techniques, means you are guaranteed a professional design and a perfect end product.

Our sturdy cardboard soup bowls and ice-cream tubs, with and without lids, can be printed all-over in your own unique house-style.

Make eating your soup, pasta and ice-cream a truly unique experience.

Hand your customers their purchases in a carrier bag printed with your own logo.

Choose the bag and the design that reflects your company’s image and while they are shopping your customers will be part of your advertising team.

Serve your coffee and tea in (your) style.

With a unique, on-trend design on your coffee cups the contents will taste even better.

Give your table settings an eye-catching, atmospheric and professional look:

let us print your serviettes, cutlery pouches and place mats with your logo or a design in your own house-style.

Show your pride in your professionalism and your product.

We will be delighted to print your cardboard snack containers with your logo or another unique design.


Give your glasses for beer, wine, soft drinks, fruit juices and other cold drinks an irresistible appeal with your own unique printing.

Do you already present your hamburgers in a unique hamburger box with your own printing?

Let us print your hamburger boxes and give your hamburgers that extra zing.

Layered coffee creations, tea cocktails and soup bowls are presented at their best in the unique ThermoTwin.

We will print these transparent double-walled plastic glasses with your own logo.

Serve your stir-fry and noodle dishes in our sturdy cardboard Asian meal boxes printed with your own original design and let you customers see how quality tastes.
Would like to know more about the possibilities and advantages of printed packaging?

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