Lunch concept


To-go packaging

To-go lunches and breakfasts for eating at the office or on the way are extremely popular. Naturally all these fresh snacks and drinks must be presented in practical and attractive packaging. Do you run a lunchroom, coffee bar, sandwich bar, cafeteria, kiosk or other breakfast or lunch business, and could you use a strong lunch concept? If so take a look at the total range of good-looking and versatile to-go packaging we have put together for you.

An on-trend and natural total concept

Together the articles in our lunch concept create a unified total collection. The basis is formed by the packaging made of sturdy and neutral cardboard or Kraft paper with an on-trend natural look.

Simply opt for the bread roll bags, snack sheets and sandwich containers that are right for your products and complete the Kraft look with articles from our playful Words range and eye-catching packaging from our contemporary I’M a CONCEPT range.


The right bags and containers for all your fresh products

Whatever lunch or breakfast items you sell, in our lunch concept you will find the right packaging to ensure your fresh products are hygienically protected, convenient for your customers to carry and have a professional and recognisable look.

The range includes stylish bread roll and patisserie bags with or without a window and attractive cardboard sandwich containers. Then there are our unique zip bags; bread roll bags with a line of perforations across the middle so customers can simply tear-off the top half of the bag and eat the roll out of the bottom half without having to touch it with their hands. And what do you think of the playful Words-snack sheets made of grease and moisture-proof Kraft paper for wrapping snacks and rolls?


We haven’t forgotten the drinks

A snack plus a drink – it’s a natural combination.

The same applies for every to-go lunch or breakfast. Serve your cold take-away drinks in our transparent, sealable PET bottles with a screw cap, or opt for the attractive plastic soft-drinks glasses with matching lids. Soups, and also pasta and noodle dishes, remain hot and tasty in the heat-resistant soup cups in the playful Words design.

TIP: for your coffee, tea and other hot drinks there are drinks cups with matching lids from our peerless I'M a HOT cup series: A worldwide hit!


Your to-go lunches and breakfasts in a contemporary carrier bag

When you’ve prepared and wrapped all the items in your customer’s lunch or breakfast order

why not pack them all neatly in a handy carrier bag so your customer can take them away in style. Our lunch concept includes both an attractive neutral snack carrier bag and the iconic American block bottomed bag. Of course, the ultimate finishing touch to your presentation is to pack a breakfast in our on-trend I'M a BREAKFAST bag and a lunch in the popular I'M a LUNCH bag.

TIP: if you really want to be original present your lunches or breakfasts in one of our unique I'M a HANDY strap-carries-trays. Hang a filled drinks cup in the cut out, lay a filled baguette, doughnut, muffin or other snack on top and place a serviette, spoon, straw and sachets of milk and sugar at the side. A versatile, practical and good-looking solution.


A concept with endless combinations

Do you want to expand your filled roll concept?

If so combine it with our popular I'M a HOT-concept the Biodore brand products made from natural materials and the chalk-effect packaging in our on-trend Pubchalk series. Whatever you sell and whatever food packaging you need, our series are designed in such a way that they complement and supplement each other seamlessly.

Lunch concept products