A double-walled, transparent drinks cup

ThermoTwin® is the ideal drinks cup for coffee and tea bars, ice-cream parlours, lunchrooms, snack bars, fuel stations and caterers: in fact, for all providers of hot and cold drinks for immediate consumption and/or to-go. This cup - the first double-walled disposable cup made of crystal-clear plastic - is revolutionary, contemporary, eye-catching and extremely versatile, and everybody wants it. The unique ThermoTwin is also a totally Dutch product.

Optimum insulation for hot and cold drinks

The ThermoTwin’s double wall ensures optimum insulation. This means no more having to provide sleeves when you serve hot tea or coffee in a disposable cup and your ice-creams and smoothies will no longer suffer from the warmth of hands.

The insulating ThermoTwin will make serving all your coffee varieties, fresh teas, soups and other hot drinks very easy. Ice-creams with toppings, iced coffee, shakes and smoothies will also look great in these transparent plastic cups.

The ultimate drinking experience

ThermoTwin is a synonym for the ultimate drink experience. Quality, sustainability, presentation and user comfort were the priorities when designing the cup.

The result: a drinks cup made of extremely strong plastic that is suitable for repeat use, a pleasure to drink out of and stackable. In addition, the ThermoTwin cups are made of 100% recyclable PP (code 5) and their manufacture, based on solar and wind energy, is CO2 neutral. That makes drinking from them even nicer!


A feast for the eyes

The ThermoTwin’s innovative see-through design allows the beauty of layered coffee creations, tea cocktails and colourful fruit and ice-cream shakes to be seen.

It’s a known fact that a feast for the eyes has a positive effect on the experience of taste and ‘what you see is what you want’ (that’s how it works these days). So, with the ThermoTwin you will treat your customers to a double taste sensation.

To be consumed here or to-go?

With the ThermoTwin both are possible. The cups are available as complete sets with transparent lids, straws and long spoons.

Use the flat lids for the safe and hygienic presentation of hot drinks. The domed lids protect contents with a topping and ensure they remain looking tasty. Your customers will enjoy their cappuccino, latte macchiato, fresh mint tea, colourful shake or attractively decorated ice-cream for longer.

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