FoodSecure® Label, Sun, without Use by day, Paper, peel-off, 25x25mm, black

Product code
Order quantity
Contents per order quantity
36 rollen van 1000 stuks

These peel-off day labels make food-safe working very simple.

Seven-day labels

This label system comprises a series of seven labels in a different colour per day. The labels are an ideal, flexible way to indicate the shelf-life of your opened products. After use the labels simply peel off the products and packaging.

Two methods

The labels can be used in two ways: use the label relevant for the day the product was opened and write-on the date until which the product may be used, or use the label relevant for the day the product must be used by and write-on the day on which it was opened.

Handy label dispenser

A handy dispenser in which the seven day label rolls fit side-by-side so are clearly visible is available. You can take the stickers out of the dispenser in one simple hand movement. It couldn’t be easier and labelling won’t take you and your staff any longer than absolutely necessary.

Extensive range

Everyone who works with food understands the importance of food-safety. We offer an extensive range of HACCP products developed especially for professional kitchens that make working in a food-safe way easy.

Food-safe solutions

Our Food Secure labels and label dispensers are a practical and food-safe solution for all kitchen systems.

Product code 549826
Brand FoodSecure®
EAN 8710653018735
Colour Black
Material Paper
Version Sun, without Use by day
Model Peel-off
Quantity per pallet 80
Contents per order quantity 36 rollen van 1000 stuks
Weights and measures
Length (mm) 25.0
Width (mm) 25.0

Brand FoodSecure®

Everyone who works with food knows the importance of food safety. Your guests must be able to depend on their food always being prepared hygienically and safely. Especially for the professional kitchen we offer our extensive FoodSecure® brand range of HACCP products that makes working in a food-safe way very easy.

Efficient, economical and food safe
Whether you’re preparing, packaging, transporting or presenting food, our food safety products fit in perfectly with the operations of a modern food service enterprise and make it easy for you to work in an efficient, economical and food safe way. A must for every professional catering company, kitchens in the food service industry, health care and institution sectors, food suppliers, such as butchers and bakers, catering colleges and company, sports club and school canteens.

A practical labelling system
The practical and food safe FoodSecure labels and label dispensers help you comply with your HACCP plan. The extensive label system comprises coloured Day Dot labels either with or without the text ‘Weg op’ (‘Use by’), allergen labels, storeroom labels, chiller labels, freezer labels, ‘Gebruiken tot’ (‘Use until’) labels and ‘Eerst gebruiken’ (‘Use first’) labels. Depending on their application the labels are permanent, removable, or easy to wash off. The matching label dispensers made of sturdy plastic make the label system very easy to use.

Protective gloves
Our FoodSecure gloves offer excellent protection against food infections while preparing or working with food. The product range comprises various sizes of powdered and unpowdered white and blue gloves made of latex, nitrile, vinyl and plastic. The gloves’ very good shape and elasticity ensure they are a good fit on either hand.

Comfortable headware
The FoodSecure range includes various types of practical headware. The comfortable and lightweight chef’s hats, butcher’s/forage caps, snood caps and hairnets are a simple and practical way to prevent hairs and skin flakes ending up in the food.

Many benefits
Whichever products you select from the FoodSecure range they are, without exception:

  • Time and cost saving
  • Developed in compliance with the stringent HACCP regulations
  • Easy to include in every hygiene manual
  • A simple and food safe solution for all kitchen systems


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