Depa’s offering of products for presenting, serving, storing and safely transporting food and prepared dishes truly is second to none. Whatever you are seeking, whether the look you wish to achieve is classic or contemporary, chic or casual, you will always find it in Depa’s total range of plates, cutlery, containers, boxes, tubs, trays, bowls, cups, accessories and requisites.

Best Sellers

Sheet, snack sheet, greaseproof, 33x34cm, words, white

Product code 650001

Biodore® Amuse, Palm frond, natural

Product code 521200

Biodore® Amuse, Wood, Boat, 21mm, 115mm, 70mm,

Product code 521102

Catering box, Tastyfood, cardboard, 357x247x80mm, brown

Product code 621390

Biodore® Amuse, Wood, 170mm, natural

Product code 521107

DEPA® Pizza box, cardboard, 29x29x3cm, white

Product code 837490

DEPA®, Ice-cream tub, ICE is (N)ICE, cardboard/PE, 400ml, light Blue

Product code 224490

Biodore® Plate, square, bagasse, 260x260mm, white

Product code 521007

Container, karton und Beschichtung, hamburger container, 120x120x100mm, white/Grey

Product code 411604

Biodore® Container, kraft et PLA, 750ml, 26oz, brown

Product code 521256

DEPA® Kidsbox, Onderwaterwereld, cardboard, 226x120x95mm,

Product code 880980