Container, aluminum , 890ml, with lid, 210x150x40mm, aluminum

Product code 621752

Container, aluminum , 400ml, with lid, 140x120x40mm, aluminum

Product code 621751

Container, cardboard, KA14, snack box, 140x70x45mm, white

Product code 602226

Container, KA9, snack box, white

Product code 602220

Container, KA7, snack box, 100x60x40mm, white

Product code 602215

Biodore® Container, bagasse, A13, 163x110x36mm, brown

Product code 521623

Biodore® Bowl , bagasse, 450ml, white

Product code 521067

Container, cardboard/PE, 1890ml, 64oz, food bucket, 120mm, white/Grey

Product code 452725

Container, karton und Beschichtung, 3800ml, 150oz, food bucket, 170mm, white/Grey

Product code 452721

Container, pP, 1000ml, 172x120x60mm, white

Product code 445777

Pokébowl-kom, 1050ml, PP, black

Product code 444900

DEPA® Container, kraft/PP, 1000ml, kilo container, 120x77x170mm, beige

Product code 440229

DEPA® Container, kraft/PP, 750ml, kilo container, 170x120x60mm, beige

Product code 440228

DEPA® Container, kraft/PP, 500ml, kilo container, 170x120x43mm, beige

Product code 440227

Container, kraft et plastique , 1300ml, 40oz, bowl, 66mm, brown

Product code 440223

Container, kraft et plastique , 1000ml, 32oz, bowl, 78mm, brown

Product code 440222

Container, kraft et plastique , 750ml, 26oz, bowl, 60mm, brown

Product code 440221

Container, kraft et plastique , 500ml, bowl, 45mm, brown

Product code 440220