From champagne flutes to long drinks glasses and from milkshake cups to coffee cups: its wide range of glasses, cups and stirrers means whatever the drink and whatever the occasion Depa has what you need in house.

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I'M a HOT cup


Thermo Twin®


Best Sellers

I'M Concept, Coffee cup, I´M a HOT CUP Chalk, cardboard/PE, 250ml, 8oz, 93mm, grey

Product code 613999

ThermoTwin®, Drinking cup, pP, 350ml, 12oz, transparent

Product code 686868

I'M Concept, Coffee cup, karton und Kunststoff, brown/White

Product code 613990

Party cup, pS, 350ml, 12oz, 300ml, red

Product code 250201

Coffee cup, cardboard/PE, 180ml, 7.5oz, black/White

Product code 157498

DEPA®, Coffee cup, bamboe/PE, 180ml, 7.5oz, assorted

Product code 152000

Biodore® Soup bowl, Kraft et PLA, 350ml, 12oz, brown

Product code 521241

DEPA® Bottle, pET, sealable, with cap, 500ml, transparent

Product code 650015

Glass, water glass, unbreakable, pETG, durable (500x), 390ml, transparent

Product code 425027

Glass, wine glass, unbreakable, pETG, durable (500x), 470ml, transparent

Product code 425023


Product code 230600