Biodore® Disposables & Packaging


All the materials Biodore® uses for its disposables and packaging are natural. Biodore® shows us the natural world in all its beauty and lets us experience the versatility of nature in all its strength and dynamism. The unique shapes, patterns and colours of nature will inspire us every time, time and time again.

Explore Nature

All Biodore® products are made of natural materials. You opt for Biodore® because nature gives us everything we need.

Explore Food

Enjoy a delicious salad on a beautiful Biodore® plate made of bagasse, palm frond or wood. The unique shapes and patterns are the perfect background for every dish.

Explore Drinks

We enjoy ourselves more and more often in the company of many other people, for example at a festival or event where together you enjoy cocktails and cold drinks. Delicious, refreshing and beautifully presented in glasses made from natural raw materials.

Explore People

Go out with family and friends. Have a picnic in the park together, or invite them to a party and surprise them with an original, natural presentation of all your dishes.

Explore Yourself

Take a moment away from the day-to-day stress and rush. Look around you and see nature in all its beauty. And enjoy!

Explore Biodore®

A selection from our extensive range Biodore®.

Biodore® Soup bowl, Kraft/PLA, 250ml, 8oz, brown

Product code 521240

Biodore® Amuse, Wood, Boat, 18mm, 100mm, 50mm,

Product code 521101

Biodore® Catering box, Kraft/PLA, 550x370x80mm, with window, brown

Product code 521074

Biodore® Bag, Paper, 32x 17x27cm, paper carrier bag, brown

Product code 521081

Biodore® Plate, square, 1 compartment, Bagasse, 160x160mm, white

Product code 521006

Biodore® Amuse, Palm frond, natural

Product code 521200